It’s All About London
All hearts and minds will be focused on London this summer. And in Southwark Handmade in Britain will present an exhibition representing uncompromising British craftsmanship – inspired by the city itself.

The inspiration for the show came from a few conversations with Barbara Chandler, author of the book and photography series Love London. A partnership was made and her photography will inspire our London: A Celebration.

“The book LOVE LONDON is Barbara Chandler's unique tribute to our capital. It has 180 photographs taken by Barbara Chandler over a period of over 20 years. The earliest was taken in 1986 of a rag-and-bone man with horse and cart, but many were taken in 2010, when this book was taking shape.  Then there are over 100 fascinating quotations about the capital, matched with the photographs. They range from a 15th century poem to snippets from modern newspapers and blogs.

Love London was/is a very personal view of life in the capital: its people, buildings and landscapes.

With British artisans each representing London within their style in their own unique way, our upcoming selling exhibition will be very unique with a theme that will draw in the crowds. The designers work will not necessarily be obviously London inspired, but it will tell a story.

It is the stories behind the work that mystify and amaze the public. This is what we are hoping to capture.

An Iconic Landmark

Where else would we set up an exhibition celebrating London?

This May, the venue that London: A Celebration will quietly live inside, will be a reason to visit in its own right. Situated within OXO Tower Wharf, the Gallery@OXO is a stunning space for inventively exhibiting design. Glass walls open on to the tree lined Thames River Walkway setting the perfect backdrop for a contemporary craft show.

It will be the antidote to the traditional fair; bright and airy, the space desires creative displays and creative designers. 
The show will run from 10th to the 13th May 2012 deadline for the Call for Entries is 31st January.
Please email us for more information:
Piyush – info@handmadeinbritain.co.uk
Lest we forget where our heart belongs, Handmade in Britain returns to Chelsea for the 6th year in November.

With a fiery new team this year’s show will be bigger and better than ever. Planning for the show has already begun – we are working on ways to support and promote British designer makers, and have some big surprises planned for you all this year. With an in depth promotion schedule already in place, Handmade in Britain will undoubtedly be the must visit Contemporary Craft Fair of the year.

Call for entries deadline 30st April. Please contact Natalie admin@handmadeinbritain.co.uk or Piyush info@handmadeinbritain.co.uk for more information.
Application packs available to download from our website.