HMIB Autumn Showcase

The last few days of summer are well and truly finished. Autumn leaves are beginning to carpet the pavements, nights are gaining a bitter chill and morning mists are settling themselves on the horizon. 

But once our summer lamentations have finally passed away – it’s hard not to enjoy the beauties of a British autumn: the crispness of the air, the vibrant splash of colour that falling leaves leave the ground. The days become sepia-tone as we drift into the familiarity of a chilly winter, despite the cold – there still can be found a warmth  in the colder months. The blazing oranges and rich coppers of the natural world come into their own, warm wooden hues become prominent as the mind wanders to toffee apples, sparklers and cosy autumn hearths.

Maybe then, it should come as no surprise that some of the designers from our fabulous Chelsea 2014 seem to have been inspired by the quiet majesty of a British autumn. From cosy textiles to bold woodwork and warm ceramics, here is our personal selection of fabulously autumnal designs from our exhibitors.

Intricate embroidery and warming, autumnal colours combine in the textiles of Elena Shamgunova:
Elena Shamgunova - Delightful Stitches
Inspiring images of spectacular misty sunrises and storm tossed autumn seas, the ceramics of Jane White seem to demonstrate the sometimes chaotic elements of autumn in their spectacular colours and forms.
Jane White Ceramics

Berry tones and forms combine in Jacqueline Clarke's exquisite jewellery, the natural world expressed as jewels through modern designs and pieces.
Jacqueline Clarke

A celebration of nature - images of forests, foxes, owls and much more on the homely textiles of Lisa Vaughan-Thomas.
Lisa Vaughan Thomas

Redolent of spiralling seed pods and scuttling insects, the jewellery of Sarah Parker-Eaton encapsulates the microscopic majesty of autumn: 
Sarah Parker-Eaton

To see their work in person, don’t forget to come along to the Handmade in Britain show at Chelsea Old Town Hall from the 14th to the 16th November 2014 – get your tickets HERE

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The HMIB Team


HMIB Fashion Focus

True style is being lost in a sea of identical high-street outfits. The ubiquity of everyday dressing necessitates a creative rebellion. From exquisite handcrafted leather to delicate fine jewellery, over 100 designer-makers at Handmade in Britain will be exhibiting their unique wares. Big names and newcomers alike: offering the opportunity to truly stand out from the crowd. 

Indulge your pre-Christmas wardrobe cravings with luxury fashion and accessories, each piece handmade and individual. Designed and created with precision and passion.
Romandin Studios and John Todd
Renowned textile artist Carole Waller presents effortlessly wearable artworks in the form of her rich hand painted silk garments, and Nottingham’s Yakshi Malhotra showcases her collection of luxury knitwear and scarves, a decadently chic selection of cosy creations.

Jane Hopkinson Bags
Taisir Gibreel’s vibrant silk scarf collection is based on original hand drawings and celebrates colour, culture and diversity - the collection brims with individuality and bold style. And of course to hold your newfound luxury, Jane Hopkinson presents sculptural, clean lines and striking tones in her handmade leather handbags.
Emma Farquharson Jewellery and Katyb Prints
Architectural influences are present in Jewellery designer Sarah Herriot’s cutting edge, CAD designed pieces with silver, gold and rubber, while Beth Gilmour presents her award winning collection featuring bi-coloured stones, shaded gold and signature intricate leaf patterns. Delicate and unique, these intricately crafted jewels are top of our Christmas wish-list.

Beth Gilmour
The varied array of stunning fashion on display at Handmade in Britain is fostered by an atmosphere of passionate creativity. The exquisite creations lending the much sought after sense of elegance, individuality and excitement that make good styling fantastic. Eye-catching pieces destined not only to set you apart from the crowd, but also to add that certain mysterious allure to the possibilities of your wardrobe.

For a preview of exhibitors click HERE and to purchase your tickets for this unique event, click HERE.

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The HMIB team