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Handmade in Britain: Online

For over a decade, Handmade in Britain has been creating some of the UK's finest contemporary craft and design events, from ceramics to textiles to jewellery and so much more.

We have just completed our third year of Handmade at Kew alongside a new show of ours; The Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Sculpt at Kew. This ran for four weeks, featuring sculptures by artists from the world and customers were able to purchase each sculpture. Both events took place at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and were a big success.

This year we also presented our second year of Handmade Edinburgh from 27 - 29 October and the 11th year of our longest running annual show, Handmade in Britain at Chelsea Old Town Hall from 10 - 12 November.

Handmade in Britain is excited to be expanding every year, so for 2018, we have announced our new show Handmade Oxford which will take place at Oxford Town Hall from 18 - 20 May, and in addition to this, we are now going online! Customers can go online to our website and purchase handmade products all year round any time of the day, whether it may be for themselves or a gift for others. Our online shop will be launching March 2018.

Designer-makers, if you are interested in joining our online shop community, you can contact us by emailing Send us a little bit of information about your work and send us pictures of some examples.
There is no joining fee or no annual fee whatsoever so hurry and apply, the deadline for the application is the 31st of December 2017. Hope to hear from you all soon.


Opening Night of Handmade at Kew

Another successful night at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew! We began our third year of Handmade at Kew show with a VIP Private View launch event in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Each and every exhibitor was prepared for what was to come during the evening.

There were about 200 exhibitors this year, with disciplines including jewellery, glass, furniture, ceramics, textiles and so much more. Every stand was unique and stood out in its own way for visitors to enjoy. The tickets included the whole of Gardens as well as access to Handmade at Kew.

Yet again, Wild Island Botanic Gin and Fentimans came through with their delectable combination of gin & tonic or gin & rose lemonade, starting the evening refreshed and ready to start the show.

Throughout the night, guests browsed the stands on offer, chatting to exhibitors and purchasing beautiful handmade products.

Thank you to Farrow & Ball for their extraordinary botanical wallpaper, with intricate and colourful designs to brighten your day everyday.

All night we heard wonderful comments about the show and the handcrafted designs and decors. Everyone made sure to check out every stand to take notice of everything and even purchase the pieces they loved the most.

If you missed Handmade at Kew, make sure to check out Handmade at Edinburgh (27 - 29 October) or even Handmade in Britain at Chelsea Old Town Hall (10 - 12 November).

Photographs by Tatiana Gorilovsky and Nicola Jell


Opening Night of Sculpt at Kew

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, one of the most exotic gardens to hold the greatest collections of plants from around the world. Being able to present and sell our sculptures, which are created by many different artists, is a remarkable opportunity. 

We launched Sculpt at Kew with a private viewing of the exhibition. During the night, the guests were served complimentary Gin and Tonic by our wonderful sponsors Wild Island Botanic Gin and Fentimans. The drink was heavenly and helped start off a perfect evening.

Incredible artists like Guy Portelli, Jilly Sutton, Marcia Raff, Andy Young and many more attended the opening night with their friends and families to view their own and other artist’s sculptures. During the evening, artists interacted with each other and with us to gain a wider perspective on each piece of art. Getting to know the background of the sculptures, gives you a better understanding of the meaning behind the work. 

As the artists, press and VIP guests had a tour around the gardens, a beautiful sunset arose behind the sculptures, showing them in a whole new light. Each sculpture captured the orange-red light in its own unique way, giving the guests a whole new reason to admire the work. 

We were delighted by the exceptional feedback from the guests during the evening. Many loved the setting of each sculpture around the gardens, as the incredible art blended with nature making the pieces look more natural and stunning.

So, if you have the time this year until the 15th of October 2017, come along to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and view Sculpt at Kew, both indoors and outdoors. Why not even bring along your friends and family and make it a day trip to the Gardens. It’s a show worthy of being at the top of your to do list.

All photographs by Tatiana Gorilovsky


Handmade in Britain partners with Wild Island Botanic Gin

Handmade in Britain is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Wild Island Botanic Gin.

Conceived on the Isle of Colonsay, one of Scotland’s Southern Hebridean islands, Wild Island Botanic Gin infuses naturally growing botanicals from the island with 100% British wheat spirit, to create a premium gin of the highest quality.

Using a total of 16 botanicals and distilled using the traditional single copper pot still method, they have created a drink that has a refreshing lemon base, pronounced further by a diverse array of leaves and flowers – including lemon balm – hand foraged on the island and selected to deliver a gentle floral, citrus fresh character.

As our exclusive spirit sponsor, Wild Island Botanic Gin will be served to guests at the VIP private view events for
Sculpt at Kew, Handmade at Kew, Handmade Edinburgh and Handmade in Britain at Chelsea Old Town Hall­­­­­, both in its signature lemon-mint gin and tonic and in the refreshing classic cocktail, Southside.

Director of Wild Island Botanic Gin, Keith Bonnington, confirmed the partnership saying: "Handmade in Britain is the perfect fit for Wild Island Botanic Gin as their celebration and appreciation of fine art, craft and design rings true with the values of our brand. Of particular interest to us was their championing of emerging talent within the UK, acting as a great platform for young designer-makers to showcase their skills. We look forward to working together over the coming months on some amazing displays of all that is great in contemporary craft and design within the UK."

Creative Director of Handmade in Britain, Piyush Suri, added:
“We are excited to be collaborating with Wild Island Botanic Gin, not only due to the incredible taste of their products, but because of the distinctive, abstract designs on their bottles. Inspired by Kiloran Bay on the Isle of Colonsay, the intricate artwork is hand applied and kiln fired onto the glass, demonstrating what a great fit this partnership is for Handmade in Britain. We look forward to working together on our upcoming craft and design events."

Arts Thread and Handmade in Britain

Handmade and Britain and Arts Thread have partnered to showcase talented new graduates for over three years to help emerging designer-makers to build their brands with their first retail exhibiting opportunity. 

Joining forces once again to show the best emerging talent in the UK, Arts Thread will be back in 2017 at Handmade at Kew and for the first time at Handmade Edinburgh

See what our previous Arts Thread exhibitors say about us:

'The Handmade in Britain team are supportive and encouraging for new and old exhibitors. Their events attract high quality customers who believe in unique products and the stories behind them' (Stephie Ann Design, Handmade at Kew Arts Thread exhibitor 2015) 

'Being part of Handmade at Kew with Arts Thread allowed me to meet many other makers from around Britain who shared my passion.' (Amy Benzie, Handmade at Kew Arts Thread exhibitor 2016)

'Although financially I did not make a profit at Kew, I consider the fair a big success in numerous aspects. I met and got to know a lot of other artists and makers, and especially fellow graduates, and the fair gave a brilliant opportunity for social networking' (Judith Esztergomi, Handmade at Kew Arts Thread exhibitor 2016)

'Through exhibiting my work with Arts Thread at Handmade at Kew, I was able to converse with like minded people about my interest in the environment and pollution. I've made sales, been inspired, and and am now working on bringing a shop to life on my website.' (Jack Durling, Handmade at Kew Arts Thread exhibitor 2015)

Apply for a space on the Arts Thread stand at Handmade at Kew or Handmade Edinburgh by Friday 28 July 2017. 


Handmade at Kew + Arts Thread: Judit Esztergomi

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Handmade at Kew will showcase Emerging Talents in collaboration with ARTS THREAD for the third time. In advance of Handmade at Kew and Handmade Edinburgh 2017, ARTS THREAD interviews past exhibitors on their skills, their success stories and the best insider tips on how to apply and make the most of showing your work.
Click through to find out more and apply for Handmade at Kew and Handmade Edinburgh.

Here we have been talking to the lovely Judit Esztergomi, a ceramicist who exhibited at Handmade at Kew 2016 with ARTS THREAD. Check out Judit’s ARTS THREAD portfolio and see her stand at Handmade in Britain Chelsea 2017 this November.

ARTS THREAD: Please tell us about yourself
Judit: I am a ceramicist making wheel-thrown and press-moulded tableware and other functional pieces. I studied at Kensington and Chelsea College and hold a BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design. I graduated in 2016, and in the same year I started my own business; since then I took part in shows such as Ceramics in the City, Handmade at Kew, Made Brighton at St. Bartholomews and Made Bloomsbury, the Royal Bath and West Show. I also supply work for various galleries and do commissions.
AT: What Handmade in Britain show/s have you exhibited at?
Judit: I exhibited at Handmade at Kew 2016 and will also exhibit in Handmade in Britain Chelsea 2017.
AT: How were the shows – was it successful for you?
Judit: Although financially I did not make a profit at Kew, I consider the fair a big success in numerous aspects. I met and got to know a lot of other artists and makers, and especially fellow graduates, and the fair gave a brilliant opportunity for social networking; also, I met and chatted with a lot of visitors and got very valuable feedback from them considering my products or the display, and they gave an excellent insight into the general public taste – hence the market. I got an opportunity to improve my social and small-talk skills as well and learnt how to present myself best when I am at my stand or when to engage with customers. Kew was also great in terms of marketing: a lot of people took business cards and postcards or joined my mailing list.


AT: What tips would you give a designer/maker applying for Arts Thread Selects at Handmade at Kew or Handmade Edinburgh for the first time:
A: Tips on the application – text and images?
Judit: As I am making pots, I can give advice on practices connected to them.
Text and pictures – keep it short and simple! In the artist statement, emphasise what is distinctive or special of you and your work; what is your main material, colour or production method and give an insight into your inspirations or philosophy. Picture-wise, keep them plain and clutter-free: white and ‘natural’ backgrounds (wood, concrete, brick etc.) work best, and some props can help the piece to come alive (e.g. vase with flowers, plate with food). You can also create a group shot (with tableware, it could be a table set for dinner or a mug with its saucer etc.), try to set aside a day and just play around with your pieces, creating various arrangements, using different backgrounds and props and photographing them from different angles, including macro. Light is everything – shadows can be brilliant but in general I found that a not sunny but still not too cloudy day is ideal for most pieces.
B: Deciding how their stand should look – how to make the most of your stand?
Judit: Stand rule #1 – less is more! Don’t put too many pieces out, let each have its own personal space and if you have less on the table, it will look and feel more elegant and exclusive just like in a gallery (think jumble sale as the opposite). Organisation can help – if you have more collections or different colour palettes, it is better to separate them. Use the wall space as well, if you have a larger or very eye-catching piece, it can work well there, as well as photos of you working/designing/inspirations and –very important- your logo and company name that customers can familiarise with and remember later! Be careful with colours, just like with photographs, whites and naturals are good because they don’t supress your pieces; greys can be a good choice as well.
C: marketing material and promotion?
Judit: Lots of business cards (with the design, the same applies as for the photographs; always have a picture of your work on it, otherwise people will not remember), and placed into more spots not just one if possible. Postcards I find unpractical as they need a lot of space and are also expensive to order. Have a small notebook opened, with a pen for those who would like to join your mailing list. If you participate in other shows, put some leaflets about them out as well. Post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. regularly, especially in the two weeks before the fair.
Apply for a space on the ARTS THREAD stand at Handmade at Kew or Handmade Edinburgh.
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See Judit's work at Handmade in Britain (in Chelsea) 10-12 November 2017.


Arts Thread interview with StephieAnn Design

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Handmade at Kew will showcase Emerging Talents in collaboration with ARTS THREAD for the third time. In advance of Handmade at Kew and Handmade Edinburgh 2017, ARTS THREAD interviews previous exhibitors on their collections, their route to success and the best inside tips on how to apply and make the most of showing your work.
Find out more about Handmade at Kew and Handmade Edinburgh.
Here we have been talking to the amazingly talented Stephanie Woollen of StephieAnn Designs, an ARTS THREAD alumni and lingerie designer who has been exhibiting at Handmade in Britain events since 2014 after graduating in Textile Design BA Hons from Chelsea College of Arts. Digitally printed from photography and paintings StephieAnn creates lingerie and nightwear inspired by poetry. Check out Stephie’s websiteStephie’s work on ARTS THREAD and see her stand at Handmade at Kew 2017 this October.
ARTS THREAD: Please tell us about yourself
Stephie: Hi! I’m Stephie, I founded StephieAnn in 2014 when after graduating with a Textiles degree I joined The Princes Trust with a business idea. I design women’s fashion and accessories featuring my photography and paintings inspired by poetry. Products include pyjama sets, tunics, tops, eye masks, bed socks and silk scarves. I currently sew all smaller items myself whereas larger products are manufactured in Wales.
AT: What Handmade in Britain show/s have you exhibited at?
Stephie: Chelsea Old Town Hall 2014 – New Graduate Showcase; Handmade at Kew – ArtsThread 2015; Handmade at Kew 2016 and Chelsea Old Town Hall 2016. Very much looking forward to exhibiting at Kew again this year!
AT: How were the shows – was it successful for you?
Stephie: I was very nervous before my first show, it was the first time I had exhibited my work and I didn’t know what to expect. Exhibiting with Handmade in Britain has built my confidence in talking to customers and they have been fantastic opportunities for me to gain feedback on products and move my brand in the right direction.
All shows have been very successful and each time I exhibit I catch up with previous customers as well as make new ones, gaining in success each time.
AT: What tips would you give a designer/maker applying for Arts Thread Selects at Handmade at Kew or Handmade Edinburgh for the first time?
Tips on the application
Stephie: Make sure you be honest with yourself – Feel confident that you are ready for this and your products are at a professional standard.
  • Images should be clear, sharp, the correct size/format and a mix with white background and lifestyle photography where the product is in use.
  • Take time writing the application, perhaps send it to a family member or friend. Highlight the creativity and story behind your work. What makes your designs unique?
Deciding how the stand should look – how to make the most of your stand?
Stephie: Stand design is really tricky! I always start by writing a list of the products I want to take. I then make a second list on how the product should be displayed e.d clothing on a hanger. I then do sketches of the stand before planning it out in my living room.
  • Mark out your space on a wall or floor and imagine how it’s going to look for a customer. Is it clear to see? Are you communicating core values (creativity, British made, quality) and your branding?
  • Make the most of the wall space and be creative. Remember: you don’t have to spend a fortune for it to look great. Use bits of wood and charity shop finds by making them new with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Less if more – Something I don’t always get right.
Marketing material and promotion?
Stephie: Exhibiting at a show is a fantastic opportunity for marketing!
  • Engage with other exhibitors in social media – Say ‘hi’ before you get there.
  • Send private view tickets to any customers you may have already, networks, shops or galleries and local press and of course friends and family.
  • If you have a subscriber list, send an email round announcing you’re going to be there. Maybe you have new products, your having a sample sale or running a competition.
  • At the event, network with the exhibitors. Amazing supportive friendships and collaborations can be made.
  • Create a ‘newsletter sign up’. I like to run a lucky dip competition which helps engage with customers.
  • Remember your business cards and postcards.
  • Be friendly! Enjoy chatting to customers, telling them your story. Don’t be afraid of approaching customers and treating them as a friend rather than customer – this will make you memorable and build a deeper connection than just the exchange of money.
Apply for a space on the ARTS THREAD stand at Handmade at Kew or Handmade Edinburgh.
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Introducing Handmade Edinburgh

Following the success of our Handmade at Kew and well-known Chelsea exhibitions, Handmade in Britain will be heading to Scotland to showcase some of the UK’s most exquisite makers within the countries capital city for the first time. Supported by Craft Scotland, this highly anticipated event will feature some of the finest jewellery, ceramics, textiles, metalwork and furniture produced by makers from across the country. Launching this October, the first edition of Handmade Edinburgh will take place within one of Edinburgh’s iconic historical locations, The Hub, ideal for our signature shows. The event will take place across three days, and individuals will have the chance to accumulate authentic handmade pieces crafted by our personally selected makers. Here at Handmade we are incredibly excited to be heading to Scotland to host a new selection of extremely talented makers in our first of many Handmade Edinburgh exhibitions.

Jewellery at Handmade Edinburgh

Rogue LobsterJewellery: For the unique 
For those looking for something unique and slightly quirky then Rogue Lobster’s range of nature inspired jewellery is a perfect choice for you. This revolutionary Captain Claud bracelet featuring a detailed silver lobster transforms the classic bangle making it an innovative and exciting jewellery essential for those who wish to stand out in a crowd. 

Emma Wile Jewellery- For the low key

For those who prefer a simple yet elegant style Emma Wile’s jewellery would best suit you. This hollow ring features no jewels or colour, yet its modest design oozes elegance and style without being too overpowering. Made from sterling silver this handcrafted hollow ring would be the perfect everyday accessory as its simple clean cut design would complement and adapt to any occasion.

Fiona Luing - For the magpie

For those who are drawn to and admire colour within their jewellery collection Fiona Luing’s pieces would be applicable to you, Fiona combines vibrant jewels and a mixture of colours in order to make eye-catching pieces suitable for most occasions. This Opal garnet pendant featuring a captivating multi coloured core exudes sophistication whilst its colours compliment one and other in accord. This enchanting piece would team nicely with an elegant evening attire. 

Banu Oyman- For making a statement

 For those wanting to make a statement with a bold accessory Banu Oyman’s beadwork would be best appealing to you. Banu’s handcrafted pieces made from textured multi coloured beads are perfect for those wanting unique statement jewellery. This multi tone beaded necklace featuring an intricate pattern detail is the perfect solution to a bland outfit needing a little something to boost its appeal.

Essemege -For the modern

For those who appreciate a more contemporary style of jewellery Essemge’s modern assortment of graphic jewellery is inevitable the choice for you. Essemge’s fresh stylish designs are perfect for those who wish to move away from traditional classic styles, these handcrafted bracelets are simple yet stylish for a modern approach to accessorising.  


Handmade at Kew: Tickets on Sale NOW!

Following on from last year’s success, Handmade in Britain is returning to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew for the second edition of the four day craft spectacular, Handmade at Kew! Once again, Kew Gardens will play host to this innovative, global craft fair where more than 200 highly skilled international makers and galleries will showcase their ceramics, glass, furniture, textiles, metalwork and jewellery. Taking centre stage in the heart of the botanical gardens, this four day selling event, housed in an elegant pavilion next to Kew Palace, will offer visitors the unique opportunity to meet and buy one-off pieces directly from artists, makers and craftspeople and learn about the ideas and processes that shape their work.

Click here for a sneak peak at some of the beautiful, handcrafted products you'll find at Handmade at Kew, plus a full list of this year's exhibitors.


6 - 9 October 2016
Thursday to Sunday
10am - 6pm Daily


Book early and save:

Advanced ticket £16
At the door £18
(includes entry to Kew Gardens)
Concessions for Friends of Kew available