Introducing Handmade Edinburgh

Following the success of our Handmade at Kew and well-known Chelsea exhibitions, Handmade in Britain will be heading to Scotland to showcase some of the UK’s most exquisite makers within the countries capital city for the first time. Supported by Craft Scotland, this highly anticipated event will feature some of the finest jewellery, ceramics, textiles, metalwork and furniture produced by makers from across the country. Launching this October, the first edition of Handmade Edinburgh will take place within one of Edinburgh’s iconic historical locations, The Hub, ideal for our signature shows. The event will take place across three days, and individuals will have the chance to accumulate authentic handmade pieces crafted by our personally selected makers. Here at Handmade we are incredibly excited to be heading to Scotland to host a new selection of extremely talented makers in our first of many Handmade Edinburgh exhibitions.

Jewellery at Handmade Edinburgh

Rogue LobsterJewellery: For the unique 
For those looking for something unique and slightly quirky then Rogue Lobster’s range of nature inspired jewellery is a perfect choice for you. This revolutionary Captain Claud bracelet featuring a detailed silver lobster transforms the classic bangle making it an innovative and exciting jewellery essential for those who wish to stand out in a crowd. 

Emma Wile Jewellery- For the low key

For those who prefer a simple yet elegant style Emma Wile’s jewellery would best suit you. This hollow ring features no jewels or colour, yet its modest design oozes elegance and style without being too overpowering. Made from sterling silver this handcrafted hollow ring would be the perfect everyday accessory as its simple clean cut design would complement and adapt to any occasion.

Fiona Luing - For the magpie

For those who are drawn to and admire colour within their jewellery collection Fiona Luing’s pieces would be applicable to you, Fiona combines vibrant jewels and a mixture of colours in order to make eye-catching pieces suitable for most occasions. This Opal garnet pendant featuring a captivating multi coloured core exudes sophistication whilst its colours compliment one and other in accord. This enchanting piece would team nicely with an elegant evening attire. 

Banu Oyman- For making a statement

 For those wanting to make a statement with a bold accessory Banu Oyman’s beadwork would be best appealing to you. Banu’s handcrafted pieces made from textured multi coloured beads are perfect for those wanting unique statement jewellery. This multi tone beaded necklace featuring an intricate pattern detail is the perfect solution to a bland outfit needing a little something to boost its appeal.

Essemege -For the modern

For those who appreciate a more contemporary style of jewellery Essemge’s modern assortment of graphic jewellery is inevitable the choice for you. Essemge’s fresh stylish designs are perfect for those who wish to move away from traditional classic styles, these handcrafted bracelets are simple yet stylish for a modern approach to accessorising.  

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